How to Draw Nebulizer-Based Medications Using a Syringe and Transfer Pin

Follow the guidelines below to to draw nebulizer-based medications using a syringe and transfer pin.

  1. Open medication vial by tearing off and removing middle tab.
  2. Using an alcohol swab, disinfect the top of the medication vial.
  3. Open the transfer pin package, taking care not to place the transfer pin on non-disinfected surface.
  4. Remove transfer pin from packaging, then remove cannula covering and insert cannula into top of medication vial.
  5. Open an alcohol pad and place it on top of the alcohol pad packaging.
  6. Remove the blue cap from the transfer pin and place cap on top of the alcohol swab.
  7. Using a separate alcohol swab, disinfect the top of the transfer pin opening.
  8. Open syringe packaging and remove syringe.
  9. Screw syringe onto top of transfer pin, making sure it is secure.
  10. Invert medication and syringe attachment and draw desired amount of medication.
  11. Expel medication from syringe into the nebulizer well, then place well cover back onto nebulizer well. Be sure well cover is attached securely.
  12. Using a fresh alcohol swab, wipe off the transfer pin top then replace blue cap.

You are now ready to attach the well to the nebulizing device and proceed with treatment.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures in this video, please reach out to Vertisis at 1-888-285-5841.