Cancer therapy

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for anyone at any stage of life. It is a life-changing event, not just for yourself and your well-being, but for your work and your relationships. That's why Vertisis is here to help at every level with our compassionate support team here to help our patients navigate the complexities of a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan. We focus on supportive care options that are adjunctive to cancer treatment as well as personalized metronomic dosing of chemotherapy.

The pharmacy support team at Vertisis has over 100 combined years of experience. Our advanced compounding pharmacy allows patients to gain access to the latest, and most effective oncology medications. But what makes Vertisis truly special is our holistic approach to well-being and our focus on integrative medicine for total body health and quality of life. We will collaborate with our patient's doctor to ensure that their personalized treatment plan is working and help manage side effects while avoiding drug interactions. We'll do our best to connect our patients with financial help from manufacturers and non-profits, if available. We just want to make this entire process as easy as possible so that our patients can focus on what matters most, their physical and emotional health!

Vertisis does much more than just fill prescriptions! Our clinical pharmacy team is standing by to answer your questions and provide the support you need 7 days a week.

Chemo Recovery

Even after chemotherapy ends, however, recovery from the therapy itself can take time. Some people experience lingering fatigue or pain after treatment ends, others experience lymphedema, problems with their teeth or mouth, weight changes or bowel and bladder control issues. Many patients assume that by the time a month or two has past after chemotherapy has ended their immune systems are back to normal, but evidence from a small observational study at the University of Leeds points towards the possibility that parts of the immune system remain weakened for at least 9 months after the end of the last treatment.

Vertisis supports total body health and quality of life and we offer the best of both conventional and integrative medicine in order to get patients back to feeling their best!