About Vertisis

Who is Vertisis?

Vertisis is one of the most unique sterile-injectable compounding pharmacies in the United States. Our focus is on going “above and beyond” traditional compounding pharmacies by raising the standards of 503A compounding pharmacies to include exceptional products, unique delivery, advanced education, and an amazing relationship with health care providers with a seamless delivery of care. Vertisis originates from over 20 years of clinical practice in custom compounded pharmaceutical agents and over 100 years of combined compounding pharmacy experience with clinical usage of the latest technologies. We have intimate knowledge of hundreds of thousands of custom compounded pharmaceutical treatments with a team of knowledgeable pharmacists to help answer your questions.

The Motivation and Origins of Vertisis

We have noticed a drastic drop in quality of the overall compounding experience in the last 5 years. This lack of quality stretched across all aspects of compounding including: formulation quality, timely delivery, escalating cost, suffocating regulations, lack of advancing technology, poor education and products constantly out of stock. Having clinically dealt with the frustration that comes with traditional compounding, our team was motivated to thoughtfully and comprehensively establish a pharmacy that tackles all of these common road blocks and creates a unique experience for physicians and patients.

We clearly see medicine as a whole, aggressively progressing towards greater personalization with better drug delivery and targets; however without a great compounding partner, it's just not possible to provide the highest level of care your practice needs to survive this changing market. Vertisis was born to provide doctors and their patients the best 503A custom pharmacy experience utilizing the latest technologies a pharmacy can offer, established by veterans in the field who know what makes for better healthcare. To accomplish this, we assembled the best pharmacy team, medical team, legal team, logistics and sophisticated facility. The old way of doing things is not satisfactory for us and it should not be for you either. Our mission is to help you improve your practice by giving you the tools you need to help your patients succeed. This is accomplished by utilizing customized, cost effective, patient-specific treatments and formulations made from your custom prescriptions.

If you're new to compounding or maybe a long standing seasoned veteran, let our educational tools help you expand your custom pharmacy knowledge. Vertisis has partnered with medical societies and educational institutions like Unipathic medicine to help you advance your knowledge and treatment options for better targeted patient care. We honor the opportunity to be your partner and support your practice in the ever-changing, growing and exciting field of medicine.