Vertisis Cares about our Furry Friends

At Vertisis, we believe that our companion and working animals deserve no less care than the people who provide for them. A veterinarian's work is difficult and often underappreciated, but our quality 503A pharmacy is committed to providing them the absolute best quality tools that they need to make their unique patients well, from big to small. We are a high quality compounding pharmacy, which means that we can provide unique dosing and delivery solutions that are not available from big pharmaceutical companies. Need a liver-flavored sedative for a recalcitrant cat? We have you covered, or better yet, deliver medication via a topical rubbed onto the inner ear of your patient animal, be it a chihuahua, a great dane or a horse! At Vertisis, we understand that veterinarians need unique solutions to unique problems and we are here to deliver!

Why Compounding is Important for Veterinarians

There are multivariate reasons for a vet to choose a 503A compounding pharmacy like Vertisis. Just read about some of the reasons listed below:

  • Unique delivery options - As mentioned above, we can deliver satisfying alternatives to dosing a reluctant patient who simply can't understand that us humans are only trying to help. Flavored medication can be custom crafted with the particular tastes of the animal in mind, from finicky cat to fussy chimpanzee. Topical medicine is an easy alternative to many homeowners who must dose their pet at home. Topical antibiotics may also be more appropriate than oral medication in the case of infected areas. Need a bonding agent for a wound to a mucosal membrane or is difficult to lick off? We have you covered and can compound that bonding agent with appropriate medication to improve the healing process!
  • Availability of discontinued medicine - Pharmaceutical companies will nearly always take economic factors into account in choosing whether or not to continue producing a certain drug or compound. That means that drugs that are used for only small groups of patients are not nearly as lucrative as those commonly prescribed drugs. As you can well imagine, this disproportionately affects those patients who also happen to be animals. Drugs that vets need are routinely discontinued by big companies and the gaps in coverage are even larger for vets than they are for humans, essentially yanking tools out of a vet's toolbox for treating his patients! That is where Vertisis steps in. Our pharmacy will make any drug order from raw, FDA approved ingredients, making it possible to treat your patients in the way you know they ought to be treated. We also test every batch of medicine we make in independent laboratories, so you know what you are getting, every time.
  • Personalized Medicine - Just like with humans, every animal is a unique being with their own personality and their own unique physiology. At Vertisis, we place an emphasis on personalized medicine and we extend those same principles to our veterinary drugs as well. Compounding has a lot to offer in terms of mixing medications into one easy to use, easy to comply with dosage. We will also compound with useful vitamins and minerals to improve the efficacy of the included medicine as well as to mitigate side effects, something very important when dealing with our sensitive furry friends! Vertisis is the right way to treat your sick or injured friend and bring them back to the way they were before!

Benefits of Compounding with Vertisis

At Vertisis, we have invested in one of the finest 503A pharmacies on the west coast! We abide by USP 797 protocol for our clean rooms. We also test every batch of medicine we make, sending it to third party laboratories so that every time, you know that you are receiving the highest quality medication possible. Compounding is incredibly important for veterinary medicine, from the unique problems they face in interacting with their patients to the mere availability of the medicines that they require to treat them. Vertisis has a passionate team of pharmacists who place no less importance on our patients just because they might be a dog or a cat. Every patient deserves the best care available, so please give us a call and see what we have to offer.