Pain Management

Restore your Quality of Life with Vertisis!

Pain comes in many forms. Sometimes it is sharp and acute, like a headache, or the pain you feel from hurting yourself. Acute pain is short in duration and is usually controllable with simple, over the counter medications. However, other times, the pain comes again and again in a recurrent cycle, or simply never ends at all. This kind of pain is chronic and much more difficult to manage. People who have chronic pain understand that it is not something you can just ignore. Chronic pain saps the enjoyment from all activities, makes work difficult or impossible and erodes quality of life in general. At Vertisis, we take the problem of chronic pain very seriously and approach the problem from a multidisciplinary and holistic angle. Our pharmacy is dedicated to not just addressing specific symptoms, but improving the total health and wellbeing of all of our cherished patients.

Advantages of Custom Compounding When Managing Pain

There are many kinds of chronic pain from lingering damage to tissue to neuropathy to pain originating within the brain itself. And not only are there multiple causes for pain, each patient has their own unique physiology. There is no such thing as an ‘average' patient in our eyes. Custom compounding is the only real option when it comes to a personalized pain solution for any patient who needs it. There are several things that a 503A pharmacy can do for a patient that other pharmacies can't.

Reduce Side effects - When your medicine is compounded, we can adjust the dosage specific to what your body needs, much more so than bulk suppliers. When you avoid taking more drugs than you need, you may be able to avoid some of the more adverse side effects from your medication.

Alternate delivery methods - are basic oral tablets not to your liking or are not appropriate for whatever reason? Our compounding pharmacy allows us to mix your medication into a variety of delivery devices, from flavored chewables, topical creams and ointments, nasal sprays or anal or vaginal suppositories. When there are side effects associated with taking a drug orally, often these can be circumvented by applying the drug topically instead. As well, a medicine laced ointment can be applied to a specific location, such as in the case of an infection or muscle pain, reducing the systemic impact of the same drug taken orally.

Multiple medications in one dose - Are you taking two or more different medications for pain, or other health conditions? Vertisis enables the possibility of mixing all of your medications into one, easy to take dose. There's no need for a messy pill calendar when you choose us as your primary pharmacy!

What Makes Vertisis Different

At Vertisis, we believe in the power of the human body to heal itself and in the value of a total health and wellness regimen. Unlike other compounding pharmacies, we offer the ability to mix in helpful vitamins, minerals and other natural components both to increase the efficacy of conventional medicine as well as mitigate some of the side effects like dry mouth and gastrointestinal irritation. Our expert pharmacists are available to confer with when it comes to designing a holistic medicine regimen. Our passion for total health and quality of life sets apart from the competition. We're not just here to sell you drugs, we're here to help you heal your valued patients by whatever means are necessary and available.