Vertisis Is Providing A New Generation of Chelation Therapy

With the increasing toxic exposures of our modern world to heavy metals and chemical toxins, Vertisis can help provide your practice with the highest grade and most innovative chelating formulas. Elimination of these disease causing toxins is not easy to achieve, however, the correct chelation treatment can help your patients detoxify the body of these harmful epigenetic influencers. Our highly trained staff can help answer any questions you may have regarding various chelation formulas you may be considering for your patient.

Testing trace and toxic metals and chemicals is an important part of any integrative medical practice. There are several methods for the detection of heavy metals, and chemical toxins. Each clinician has unique testing methods and treatment parameters to help bring these toxic levels out of body fluid, tissue, and organs. Numerous chronic diseases and conditions such as cancer, chronic neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases, autism and really anyone with heavy metal toxins that may be involved as part of the etiology of the disease can benefit from chelation therapy. Vertisis can prepare your custom prescriptions and help you along the educational process to make sure that your patients receive the best short-term and long-term care for the eliminations of these harmful metals. Contact us with any question, concerns or ideas you may have on formulations to help your patients. Vertisis has partnered with Unipathic medicine to provide training, courses and new techniques on chelation therapy.

What is Chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy usually refers to the use of therapeutic agents to absorb and remove heavy metals and chemical toxins. Chelation therapy can also aid in the stripping of biofilm communities from the body. The treatments can be introduced to the body orally, intravenously, or intramuscularly. Chelation medication, or chelating agents are the recommended treatment course in the case of heavy metal poisoning for elements such as mercury, lead, iron, arsenic, uranium and plutonium among others. It is important to understand that chelation can take time and other pathways of elimination should be supported simultaneously. When heavy metals are commonly found in tissues it is important to put a well designed treatment plan in place and follow up with the patient to assure they understand the chelation process can take time to achieve the best clinical results. To learn more contact our team for educational tools for practitioners supplied by Vertisis partners like Unipathic Medicine.

What Vertisis has to Offer

Our state of the art facility at Vertisis abides by USP 797 standards when it comes to the preparation of our chelating agents. This allows us to provide a level of quality in the medicine that we deliver of which other compounding pharmacies cannot boast. The most common chelating agent used is ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) which is a recommended treatment for lead poisoning. At Vertisis, we offer EDTA with the option of including vitamins or minerals and other compounds to reduce the side effects of the drug and support synergistic pathways of elimination. You can also speak to one of our pharmacists to discuss any questions you may have. An advanced level of support education is here to help you at Vertisis Custom Pharmacy. Feel free to reach out we are here to help.