Sports Medicine

Vertisis Helps You Perform Better!

It doesn't really matter if you are a professional athlete, like to play basketball on the weekends or just lead an active lifestyle, muscle strains and other injuries are a fact of life. Sometimes all you need is a pack of ice and a few hours off your feet, but other times you're going to need more than that, or you just don't have a few hours, or a few days to spare before you can get back in the game.

Medications that relieve pain and inflammation are readily available, but often they have unwanted side effects in a sports situation, such as drowsiness. Transdermal therapy offers the option of a higher active concentration of medicine in the area where it's needed without a full dose of the same drug to the entire system. As a 503A pharmacy, Vertisis can create a fully customized topical cream or ointment to apply to the painful or injured area, putting the medication into just the area where it is needed.

Macro Inflammation, An Athlete's Worst Enemy

Muscles are designed to get stronger as they are used. But it is very easy to take things too far and strain a muscle or pull a tendon. These types of injuries are no joke and rarely is the correct course of action to just ‘walk it off.' When inflammation enters the picture, a small injury can rapidly multiply into something far more dangerous, taking an athlete out of the game for weeks, or perhaps even permanently. Soft tissue damage is still a type of injury for which it is difficult to prescribe an exact course of action, but keeping inflammation at bay should be of utmost importance. Inflammation is not just painful, it can cause real damage to joints and other soft tissue, damage that sometimes ultimately needs surgery to repair. The first step in preventing the need for drastic action is using appropriate medication to boost recovery and keep things from getting worst at the first sign of a problem.

Topical Anti-Inflammatories have an Edge over Oral Medication

Over the counter oral anti-inflammatories work well enough for the average person and for small injuries, but an athlete or an active person should not be forced into accepting the side effects which may slow them down, or in some cases cause intestinal irritation and bleeding. A topical application of medicine delivers it directly to the site where it is needed, reducing the amount of the drug that causes the system-wide side effects. As a 503A compounding pharmacy, we can go a step further and prepare a fully customized ointment to speed recovery in the event of an injury. But at Vertisis, we go beyond even that, offering a full slew of natural and holistic treatment options for the both the aspiring athlete and the person leading a healthy, active lifestyle. At Vertisis, we believe in the body's ability to heal itself and maintain wellness. We can prepare medication enhanced with vitamins and other natural components that muscles need as they are used. Also, we have unique delivery systems that other pharmacies lack to get the medicine right where it is needed. Choose Vertisis not just because we are another compounding pharmacy, but because when we look at our patients, we don't just see an ailment, we see an entire, unique person. And unique people deserve a personalized solution.

Vertisis Offers Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive alternative to joint, muscle and other soft tissue damage which might otherwise require surgery to repair. There is always risk involved with any surgery as well as an associated recovery time, both of which are very good factors to consider when thinking about prolotherapy. The essence of prolotherapy has been known and practiced in various forms for thousands of years, but only in the twenty-first century have new techniques and materials been able to bring forth the power of the human body to regenerate and recover from injury.

Prolotherapy consists primarily of an injection into the site of damaged muscle or tendon. The injection consists primarily of a chemical irritant which provokes an inflammatory response within the tissue, along with an anesthetic to provide relief from the pain associated with the process. The irritation provokes the growth of new collagen fibers to strengthen a weakened or damaged joint. By prompting the body's own regenerative processes, prolotherapy accomplishes that which would only otherwise be possible via surgery. At Vertisis, we believe that the best route is the one which is least invasive and takes advantage of the body's capacity to restore itself to full function.