Unavailable/Discontinued Medicine

Since Vertisis is a 503A compounding pharmacy, we offer something that bulk drug producers just aren't willing to provide. Many drugs that are researched and then developed are discontinued by big manufacturers because they are not economically viable. However, that doesn't mean that they don't work or that people don't need them! If a group of people for which a drug is applicable is too small, you can bet that a pharmaceutical company will cut that drug, even if hundreds or thousands of people's lives depend on it. As well, if two drugs are similar but one costs less to produce, which one do you think the company will promote and produce? That's right, the cheaper one, even if it is not as effective or has unwanted side effects!

Vertisis is committed to providing a personalized treatment regimen for each of our patients. That means that we recognize the value of all potential medicines and can provide the most appropriate ones for each patient. As a compounding pharmacy, we have the ability to mix and prepare any kind of medication our patient needs, even if it is discontinued or otherwise unavailable from a standard pharmacy. Why limit your options for treatment? This is your life we're talking about. Choose the best option available. Choose Vertisis.