Why are physicians and patients choosing Vertisis Custom Pharmacy?

New technology. Genetically based medications. Less Liability. Personalized Treatments. Less Waste. Less Inventory. More time with your patients.

Your Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Integrative and Naturopathic IV Therapies and Compounds

The future of custom compounded medications is here at Vertisis. Vertisis is a custom compounding pharmacy that goes beyond traditional pharmaceutical compounds and specializes in key areas of medicine such as integrative medicine, veterinary medicine, anti-ageing medicine, weight loss, functional medicine to include specialty targeted medicines for smart oncology, Infectious disease, rheumatology and other areas. Finally, a pharmaceutical partner that helps your patients achieve the highest level of personalized, targeted pharmaceutical care with traditional and naturopathic compounds that support your medical practice needs to reach better outcomes and higher levels of success.

High-level personalized medicine is best achieved with a strong custom compounding pharmacy partner like Vertisis

Whether you are new to custom compounding or highly experienced, you will find Vertisis provides revolutionary tools, solutions, exceptional support, and education with unparalleled and unique products provided by our team of highly experienced experts. Medicine is advancing faster than ever before and patients are demanding more personalized care. Vertisis brings unique delivery methods and targeted medical treatments straight to your practice for incorporation with your treatment plan. This high level of advanced care means your practice remains at the cutting edge of medicine and your patients greatly benefit.

Understanding the Value Vertisis Pharmacy Creates for Your Practice

It all comes down to 3 important words: integrity, education, and relationships. With over 100 years of combined clinical and compounding pharmacy experience, the Vertisis team gives your practice and patients an advantage at a time when the scientific literature in medicine has made it clear that one size does not fit all. With Vertisis as your partner you can safely and effectively navigate the best treatments, targets, and delivery options for your patient’s personalized needs. Vertisis is one of the only custom compounders in the United States to include genomic pharmacological treatment options with custom prescriptions using the latest technologies. Unlike mass produced so-called genomic drug targets, Vertisis compounds are built exclusively for a patient based on physician prescribed scripts that can hit multiple synergistic actionable targets during patient care.

Vertisis is one of the most unique custom compounding pharmacies in the United States, it offers doctors access to custom-compounded, personalized medicine for their patients, delivered directly to their practice or facility.

Proper education is the first step towards better prescriptions and Vertisis is leading the way by partnering with medical societies and educational institutions like Unipathic Medicine. This partnership will help guide you through every step of understanding the advanced treatment options you could be adding to your practice. Vertisis has established unparalleled customer service to help you have a powerful new backbone for your practice to reach new, ever-expanding heights. We are proud to offer the most competitive prices with highly unique delivery methods and specialized compounds to help you and your patients.

With all the ever changing laws relating to healthcare and pharmaceutical compounding, Vertisis has established innovative solutions with a comprehensive legal team to provide important guidance so patients can continue to receive the medical care they need. On behalf of our entire pharmacy team we want to welcome you to Vertisis Custom Pharmacy and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help you.