HCG Reconstitution Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below to reconstitute an HCG vial for administration.

  1. Remove center tear-out on HCG vial
  2. Remove fliptop from bacteriostatic water vial
  3. Wipe each vial stopper with an individual alcohol swab (supplied)
  4. Remove the 12mL syringe from protective wrapping
  5. Open the 18-gauge needle protective wrapping, being careful not to touch the inert hub
  6. Remove the twist cap from the syringe and screw the needle onto the syringe
  7. Remove the safety cap from the needle and pull the plunger on the syringe to the 12mL line
  8. Insert the needle into the bacteriostatic water vial and push 12mL of air into the vial
  9. Flip the vial upside-down and pull back the plunger on the syringe to the 12mL line
  10. Insert the 12mL syringe of bacteriostatic water into HCG vial at an angle
  11. The HCG vial is vacuum sealed and will automatically draw the contents of the syringe
  12. Remove the syringe and needle then discard the syringe and needle
  13. Lay the vial on its side and roll in between hands to mix (Do not shake or swirl to mix)
  14. Discard remaining quantity of bacteriostatic water vial
  15. Once mixed, HCG must be refrigerated; shelf life is 60 days